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PC Network Solutions was founded in 2003 because Bill Panaggio, it's founder, saw a need to improve the technology being utilized by businesses. We are not your typical IT company. We at PCN care deeply about helping our clients maximize their potential and creating solutions custom fit for their needs.

Bill Panaggio is the President and CEO of PC Network Solutions. He has made it his mission to stay in the forefront of the ever changing technology needs that will affect his clients and their abilities to move their businesses forward. While technology may continue to advance PC Network Solutions will always be ready to adapt in order to provide the best and most secure solutions for our clients.

Who We Are

PC Network Solutions provides businesses with technology solutions that enable productivity and efficiency while maintaining your budget. We have been serving South Florida clients for over 15 years. At PCNS it is our continuing mission to provide the highest level of IT Services at affordable prices. Through our strategic partnerships we have been able to create an advanced system that enables us to minimize downtime for our clients, giving them back the time they need to focus on running their business and leaving the rest to us.

Our Mission

Whether you’re a business executive or an IT professional, we know you come across many challenges with technology on a daily basis – from server virtualization, cloud computing and desktop management to regulatory compliance, IT support and data security. PC Network Solutions can alleviate the burden of IT management, giving you back IT peace of mind. Our IT services and solutions provide accessibility to everything from entire networks to individual desktops, allowing you to focus on more strategic goals that help grow your business. As a provider of IT management services and hosted cloud, we have the resources to support all your IT needs, from hosted desktops, virtual servers, VoIP and encryption to data center services and full IT support, while also giving you the personal attention you deserve and the measurability your business requires.

Whether it is 24/7 monitor, Cloud computing, network support, IT consulting, computer network installations,network consulting services, remote or on-site support or just troubleshooting your outlook PCN has the solution that’s just right for you.

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