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VoIP Services

Enhance Your Business Communications

At PC Network Solutions, we provide cloud-based collaborative VOIP solutions that enhance performance, productivity and efficiency for businesses and organizations in Palm Beach Gardens, West Palm Beach and throughout South Florida. We service a variety of industries including legal, finance, education,nonprofit, real estate and healthcare.

What is VoIP and how does it work?

VOIP (Voice over IP) is a means of converting your ordinary analog phone system to a digital medium, therefore allowing you to greatly expand the capabilities of your phone system while still maintaining your old phone number.

In order to reduce telephone and communication costs, your business needs to utilize a predictable, cost-effective solution that is both location-independent and easily managed.

To meet this need, PC Network Solutions offers a range of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solutions. The PCN VoIP solutions are carrier-grade and capable of handling thousands of concurrent voice calls via a countrywide Multi-protocol Label Switching data network.

Forming part of a comprehensive, converged communication solution, the PCN Business VoIP solutions will allow your business to route data and telephone over a single Internet Protocol-based computer network.

Pc Network Solutions VoIP will offer you a very low cost to start up, offsite protection in case of disaster, and a simple user interface making to transition all that easier for the user.

Considering a Business VoIP System

There are a few questions you should ask yourself. Is your current telephone system out of capacity? Is it outdated and inflexible? Does it not offer mobility and is it too expensive to maintain? Most importantly do you experience unnecessary downtime resulting in lost revenue?

If you answered yes to any others questions you should look into PC Network Solutions VoIP. Our business VoIP phone service is on the bleeding edge of technology. We offer the latest in affordable, integrated and flexible business communications systems.

Benefits of VoIP

This solution integrates with your business’ existing network architecture and allows you to route voice calls via your data network to other branches. You will also be able to route voice calls through the PCN Business VoIP solution to local, national, mobile or international destinations at rates of up to 35% cheaper than by fixed line.

Aside from the cost-effectiveness of this product, the PCN Business VoIP solutions will provide your business with the following:

  • Help you select and deploy VoIP and phone system hardware and software appropriate for your current situation and future growth plans

  • Provide local on-site VoIP support and remote monitoring

  • Evaluate your existing network and Internet access infrastructure to determine whether your environment is optimized to support VoIP

  • Integrate your VoIP solution with technology from other vendors

  • Superior quality of service

  • Expedited voice data across the network

  • Fraud detection and monitoring capabilities

  • Mobile Number Portability connectivity

  • Lawful interception capabilities

  • Redundant architecture to ensure uninterrupted connectivity

  • All calls billed per second with no minimum call charge

  • Lower rates between customers using an PCN Business VoIP solution

How it works?

VoIP is a collection of technologies that allow voice communications to be transmitted over an Internet Protocol (IP) network. And as a Tier-1 Internet Service Provider PCN Business is perfectly positioned to provide you with the VoIP solution that’s ideal for your business.
These solutions are highly scalable and can be tailored to suit your specific needs while at the same time provisioning for future growth and technology advancements, and can leverage off your existing infrastructure. Simply choose the PCN VoIP solution you require and we will connect you to our IP network.

PC Network Solutions Business VoIP System
Pc Network Solutions VoIP phone system provides both cost and productivity improvements with the following features:

We can combine your local with you long distance service
Have your calls come in via multiple devices at the same time
27/7 Support
Have your messages sent straight to Outlook or view them online
Multiple call forwarding options giving you full flexibility and options
We will move your account over ourselves to ensure it is as smooth as possible
Continue sending faxes with EFax capability

Cloud VOIP Solutions For Your Business
Benefits of Pc Network Solutions VoIP Solution, include:

Less expense
Easy Management
Increased productivity
Improved call satisfaction
Use your computers, laptops and tablets to manage your phone system
Easily Expandable
Quick Disaster Recovery Responses