IT Support for Schools & Education

IT Support for Schools & Education

Streamline your Technology

Private, Public and Charter Schools require unique strategies when it comes to technology. There are many standards and factors as well as changing governmental requirements that affect how technology impacts the classroom experience. With PC Network Solutions our team understands these challenges. Our primary goal is to provide IT support for schools's students and faculty with a secure and stable technology environment that facilitates the educational experience


PC Network Solutions is the right provider of IT Support for Schools. Why?

Tablet Mobility and Computing

The educational environment is continuously evolving. As such, more and more mobile devices including Chromebooks ,Apple iPad and Google are being used to run apps for student assessments and testing. Additionally, laptops, netbooks, and tablets are often utilized by students to complete homework, projects, and other coursework. More and more schools are utilizing “student center” concepts. At PCN we have the experience and solutions that can help facilitate solutions to these challenges, make deployment and monitoring easier, and provide security for the devices and the students using them.

Infrastructure Stability

Avoiding downtime has become essential when it comes to technology being utilized in the classroom. Maintaining network, wireless, and server stability is essential. As your schools technology partner, PC Network Solution provides solutions that are not only cost effective but also improve communication between parents and teachers. Our cost effective solutions aim to analyze your current infrastructure to eliminate any unnecessary hardware and software in efforts to streamline your technology budget.

Technology Support

Your students and faculty should have support when the need arises. Your school’s technology can only be as good as the team supporting it. We have experience with many applications and testing programs in the K-12 education space including SBAC and Cogat testing. The most important is to have a partner on your side who knows how to implement the solution to your software vendors. We are your your most important ally.

Faculty and Student Internet Security

Providing a safe and secure environment for students and faculty is essential in today’s advancing technology environment. PC Network Solutions provides advanced, CIPA-compliant solutions designed to keep students and faculty secure. As part of the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) of 2000, PC Network Solutions utilizes and certifies equipment that complies with these requirements, and that will allow your school to remain compliant. We have experience working with industry-standard student check-in and check-out suites, particularly important for keeping K4-K5 environments secure.